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What to do if the radio bell plays a melody without ringing?
Last Updated 10 months ago

Overlapping with other radio bells may occur. If the receiver plays a melody without anyone having pressed the bell, change the radio code of your radio bell.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Reset radio bell receiver to factory settings (varies depending on model):
    1. Press and hold reset button on receiver until beep is emitted. Or:
    2. Remove all batteries from the receiver, press and hold the reset or code button while reinserting the batteries.
  2. Activate the transmitter (ringing).
  3. If there are several transmitters, they must all be relearned:
    1. Press the code button on the receiver until a signal tone is emitted.
    2. Activate the transmitter to be taught-in.
    3. Repeat this procedure for each transmitter (max. 4 transmitters can be learned per receiver).

In rare cases, the radio bell can also be activated by other devices, such as radio thermometers or garage door openers, which operate on the same frequency (433MHz). In these cases, changing the coding may not remedy the situation.

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