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How is the transmitter taught to the central unit?
Last Updated 11 months ago

To learn the transmitter, perform the following steps.
1. Plug the control panel with the plug-in protection fitted into a socket.
2. The red "OFF" LED flashes.
3. Insert the button cell into the transmitter with the correct polarity (+pole facing up).
4. Slowly move the magnet to the flat side of the transmitter.
5. Wait briefly until the two LEDs "ON" and "OFF" have flashed on the control unit.
6. The transmitter is now tuned in and the device is ready for use.

If the "OFF" LED does not flash red after you have plugged the control panel into the socket, please perform a factory reset on the cenral unit as follows:
1. with the control panel plugged in, press and hold the code button until the "OFF" LED flashes red. 
2. release code button and press and hold again until both LEDs ("ON" & "OFF") have blinked.
Unplug the control panel and remove the battery from the transmitter.
The control panel is reset and the transmitter can be taught as described in "To learn ...".

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